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Brief History - Annie Davies

Annie Davies was born Sikiratu Sanni-Thomas in Tamle, on the 6th of May, 1956.

Charitable work was the passion of Annie's life and she was drawn to the work of Ford Foundation, an international Non-Governmental Organization, where she worked as an executive secretary for several years. In 2000 she was appointed as the Executive Chairperson of Development Information Network (DevNet), a network of NGOs and governmental agencies concerned primary with development and information management issues in Nigeria.

She was very committed to her leadership developments work which involved issues like poverty alleviation, education of the female child in Africa generally and particular Nigeria, adequate housing, right to health, alleviation of hunger and gender issues, to name a few. Her work took her all over the world advocating for the social, economic and cultural rights of Africans. Annie approached her work and life with diligence, planning and deep thought. She carefully mapped out her work with determination and organization, never being one to leave anything to chance.

Annie died after a brief illness in January 2004.


The first test of a leader is that she leaves behind her in other persons the conviction and the will to carry on. - Walter Lipmann

There has never been a time in modern African History when the issue of leaders and quality of leadership has been so important. The need for an African Leadership that has the competence to comprehend the challenges and opportunities of globalization, the imperatives of democratization and good governance, the vision of a preferred future and the capacity and commitment to realize it is clearly crucial - Prof Ahmed Mohiddin

The trustees, Executive and Management of Development Information Network seeks to establish a Fund in the memory of Annie Lola Davies, Executive Director, DevNet 2000-2004

The fund has the following objectives:

+ Ascertaining some of the major factors responsible for the failure of leadership in Africa

+ Recruiting and preparing the succeeding generation with the capacity, vision and commitment to take Africa forward in the knowledge-based and information societies of the 21st century.

+ Identifying and rewarding best practices in leadership development.

+ Promoting the culture of volunteerism

+ The fund is managed by an independent Board. It is located within the DevNet Secretariat in Lagos Nigeria.

Donations should be addressed to the coordinator