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  Through a challenging variety of regular education and training programs, roundtables and monthly meetings, DevNet provides services that enhance the capacity of CSOs and NGOs, ensuring that they remain on the cutting edge of the emergent trends in the world of development.

+ Projects +

International Trade and Sustainable Development: DevNet is facilitating a nationwide project desirous of accessing information on Nigeria International Trade Commitments, the Negotiation process and how these all impacts on national development processes, especially agriculture , food, security and trade. It will also seek to develop civil society's capacity to respond appropriately and participate in the negotiation processes of the various international trade commitments such as WTO, ACP-EU Agreements and NEPAD. It has support in that the various agreements require substantial civil society input into country trade policy and negotiation processes. This project has received support from Heinrich Boell Foundation, Lagos.

International Institute for Development Studies: DevNet has over the past decade provided training and capacity building for CSOs. To institutionalize the training of CSO actors as part of promoting professionalism in NGO management and programming DevNet is seeking support to establish the international Institute of Development Studies as a center of excellence in development training and capacity building.

Short Training Courses: This fee based training courses offers in-service training opportunities for CSOs and members of the public. It is designed to provide continuous professional development opportunities.

Bi-Annual Development Leadership Retreat: This is a capacity building opportunity for NGO leaders and senior program staff to assess the landscape and envision plans and strategies for engaging the development process. As 2007 beckons, this project will seek to analyze the future leadership needs of the country, how the electoral process can be made to produce a transparent democratic leadership selection, as well as the critical role CSOs should play in delivering a transparent electoral process.

Annual Development Forum: This is designed as an annual celebration of the achievements of the Members of the Network. It is a series of activities that promotes the concept of the development marketplace. In 2004, it will take an added importance because; It is the 10th Anniversary celebration of DevNet.