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  Through this program, DevNet is involved in gathering, collating and disseminating to its members and stakeholders, resources and Information on "Best Practices" in development. Information from all over the globe! . We aim to ensure that our members and stakeholders are consistently empowered through access to appropriate information. Thus, they will be better placed, not only to participate, but also to support the participation of other arms of civil society, in promoting development, democracy and good governance.Good governance results in sustainable democracy and development

+ Projects +

Information Resource Centre: The IRC is our documentation units.It has publications and diverse resources on all topics in development literature. As a growing collection we welcome collaboration through exchange and gift donation to build teh IRC.

Advocacy for ICT Policy for Nigeria: DevNet will continue its partnership with Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency and the CSO coalition on ICT to advocate for a National Policy on ICT as well as continue to monitor the developments in the process leading to and after the world summit on Information Society.

Building and Information Society: A Television programme that seeks to bridge the gap between policy design, advocacy and implementation. It will also showcase best practices as well promote sustainable methods of cascading the vision of the World Summit on Information Society through its Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action.

Public Information Centres: DevNet in partnership with governments at local, state and federal level will seek to establish these "bus stop info kiosks" with full internet technology to replace ICT at the very centre of daily human existence. The pilot of this project will involve using 10 existing bus stops in Lagos.

Information Resource Development: To facilitate the understanding of issues around the development of an emergent information society, DevNet will continue the publication of its quarterly newsletter Development Flash, Policy briefing papers and books on development issues.

Budget Monitoring Information System: This project seeks to provide information on the implementation strategies, performance and evaluation of national, state and local government budgets in Nigeria.