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Full Members, which must be cross-sectoral, non-governmental, non-profit, mainly comprising of Information Workers and workers that are interested in improving their work in the area information
Affiliated Members, which may be organizations, institutions, or individuals with a proven track record of activities to support Information in their various areas of endeavor.

Honorary Members, which may be organizations, institutions or individuals with outstanding performance in supporting and facilitating information and development can be appointed by the Executive members of the organization.^top^
General Principles and Criteria that DevNet members should meet

The objectives and priorities of the full members are the promotion, dissemination, development and application of sound information. Affiliated and honorary members are also expected to help and work in this regard

Membership activities for this network may include among others, setting up working groups, arranging seminars and training, holding symposia, Seminars and conferences on development and developmental issues and providing information for their members and the also to the general public.

Members shall be autonomous, yet linked by similar objectives and statutes. Affiliated and Honorary Members must respect these objectives.
Membership in DevNet does not automatically imply membership in any other organization. However, simultaneous membership in other organizations is however permissible and desirable.

The full member organization shall maintain non-non-governmental and non-profit statutes. Members can come from all sectors and professions, provided their aim of joining the Network is geared towards the improvement of Information in their various areas of specialty.
Rights and Duties of DevNet members

All members are entitled to attend the General Members meeting, while,
Full members are entitled to one vote each;
Affiliated members do not have voting rights, but may provide suggestions;
Honorary members do not have voting rights but may provide suggestions.

All members have access to all DevNet services, facilities, communication, activities, publications and network. Unless specifically announced by DevNet or agreed upon separately, DevNet services are available to members with little charges. Services can also be free of charge as may be agreed within members and the executive including membership fees.


Members are required to pursue the goals of DevNet in their various organizations.
Members must make time available to attend monthly meetings, functions and events.
Members must be ready and willing to cooperate with DevNet and among themselves in order to enhance a national networking. Full participation is a requisite for membership.

DevNet will receive updated annual reports and membership lists from its members regularly.
Members have to pay membership fees to DevNet regularly.

Membership Dues

Full members are expected to pay annual dues to the Secretariat.
Affiliated membership dues may be optional.
Honorary members are exempted from paying membership fees

How to apply for membership

Organizations, institutions and individuals are eligible to apply for membership provided they comply with DevNet constitution. Application letter must be made to DevNet and such letters must include a statement from that organization's Board accepting DevNet’s Condition and constitution as well as expressing willingness to cooperate. Applicants would have had projects running for a considerable period of time to prove they are genuine and would have also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The expected official language of communication is English.

Applications for affiliated membership may be from institutions, organizations or individuals with a proven track record of activities in development. They must include a statement by the applying party accepting DevNet’s conditions and the provisions in the constitution, and expressing their willingness to cooperate with the organization's set out guidelines.

Applications for Honorary membership may be from institutions, organizations, or individuals with extra-ordinary achievements in Development and MAY only be accepted upon recommendation from a Full Member or a member of the Board of Trustees. The recommendations must include the nominee’s achievements and a statement from the nominee accepting the conditions and the criteria provided by DevNet.

Acquisition of membership

The decision on acceptance of members shall rest with the board and the existing executive. Each application for membership is evaluated on a case by case basis.
If accepted for membership, the applying party will be notified in writing and may assume membership from the date of acceptance. The new member will officially be introduced to the network at the next General Members Meeting. A membership contract will be concluded.

Termination of Membership

Resignation, dissolution, and expulsion shall terminate membership. Resignation from DevNet shall be made by written declaration to the Board and Executive. The period for serving notice can be done at any time.
The Board (trustees) may expel any member who misbehaves in a manner detrimental to the interests of DevNet or who fails to comply with expected duties. In the event of disagreement with the Board’s decision, an appeal may be made to the General Members.