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Development Information Network is a coalition of more than 100 development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other organizations that deal in development information. It was launched in 1994 under the auspices of the British Council, following a series of consultations with development information workers, librarians and NGO practitioners.
Development information is taken to mean information, which is used by those involved in the development process. This commonly includes information in such sectors as health, human ... >> ::More::
  :: Information for Development ::
Through this program, DevNet is involved in gathering, collating and disseminating to its members and stakeholders, resources and information on "Best Practices" in Development.

:: Capacity Building for Civil Org.::
DevNet provides services that enhance the capacity of CSOs and NGOs, ensuring that they remain on the cutting edge of the emerging trends in the world of development
  :: Transparency and Accountability ::
DevNet hones in on issues designed specifically towards strengthening processes and values of accountability and transparency within the NGO sector and the larger society. This program is run by DevNet.

:: Institutional Strengthening ::
As part of the plans for future sustainability, DevNet is building an endowment to provide support for the future